Kingwood Direct MD


Direct Primary Care. Sports Medicine.

Areas of Practice


Primary Care

  • Medical care for Adults and children 

  • Acute illness/urgent care 

  • Preventative care 

  • Hypertension 

  • Diabetes 

  • Asthma/Allergies 

  • Depression/anxiety 

  • and more…


Sports Medicine

  • Acute injury evaluation 

  • Concussion diagnosis and management 

  • Overuse injury  

  • Pre-participation Sports physical exam 

  • Management of medical conditions in athletes 

  • Injury prevention

  • Sports nutrition and supplement counseling 

  • Exercise prescription/programming 

  • “Return to play” decisions in sick or injured athletes



Non-surgical orthopedics

  • Fracture care 

  • Joint pain/osteoarthritis 

  • Shoulder 

  • Elbow 

  • Hand 

  • Hip 

  • Knee 

  • Foot/ankle 

  • Point of care ultrasound


Virtual Care

  • Modern Technology plus old fashioned service for care whenever you need it

  • Direct access to your doctor on your schedule 

  • Efficient, time saving visits via phone, text or email 

  • Effortless care from the convenience of your home, office, car, gym or even vacation 


Regenerative medicine

  • The goal of regenerative medicine is to alter the current practice of medicine by treating the root causes of disease and disorders.  

  • Treatments intended to augment, repair or regenerate tissues, cells and metabolic processes in the body. 

  • Some of the services we offer include: Hyaluronic Acid injections, Platelet rich plasma (PRP), Nutritional therapy 

Mens Health

  • Health maintenance for men of all ages  

  • Preventative approach for mens health issues

  • Low testosterone treatment options/Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 

  • ED treatment options

  • Individualized treatment to improve body composition, performance with nutrition + exercise