Kingwood Direct MD


Frequently asked questions

What is Kingwood Direct MD?

Kingwood Direct MD is not insurance. It is a Direct Patient Care (DPC) practice. DPC is an innovative model of healthcare that places the focus back on the doctor-patient relationship. This is accomplished by removing the barriers and bureaucratic red tape of an insurance based practice. We offer simple, affordable, transparent and efficient care for adults and children. We provide a full range of Primary care & Sports Medicine services for a low monthly membership fee paid directly to the practice.

How does a Kingwood Direct MD differ from a traditional primary care practice?

We choose to work directly with the our patients, providing high quality patient-focused healthcare.

We are an “outside the box”, insurance-free practice that is passionate about keeping up to date with the most cutting edge advances in healthcare.  Are you tired of the status quo in healthcare?  You will love us.  Are you more interested in natural approaches first and prescription drugs only when other options have failed?  Welcome to Kingwood Direct MD!  Are you one of those people who wonder why the healthcare system has so much in common with the DMV?  That’s why we exist: to change all of that.  Do you find the advertisements and campaigns by big healthcare companies — about how much they “care about you” — to be very different than what you experience when you actually need something from them?  Give us a try.  You’ll see the difference.

What services are included with my membership?

  • Unrestricted visits with no copays or hidden fees

  • Same-day or next-day appointments

  • Annual personalized physical exam and health assessment

  • Virtual care- access to your doctor when and where its most convenient

  • Direct communication with your doctor via text, cell phone, e-mail, video chat

  • Discounted labs, procedures, imaging and medications 

  • Comprehensive primary care and non-surgical orthopedic/sport medicine services for adults and children

  • *At this time, we are not able to provide routine vaccinations for young children but we will be happy work with you to arrange these.

As a patient of Kingwood Direct MD, will I still need health insurance?

Yes. We are not a substitute for your health insurance. If the need arises for a service we do not provide, it is important that our patients continue to carry a major medical plan to ensure financial help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary. We recommend a high deductible health plan (HDHP) or Healthcare sharing plan like Sedera Health (see below).


Does Kingwood Direct MD accept health insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance.

Our model of care focuses on a direct, personal relationship between you and your doctor. We eliminate insurance in our practice in order to save our patients from the arbitrary, intrusive and absurd decisions that inevitably come with third-party payers. Insurance should be reserved for catastrophic situations, but insurance companies shouldn’t have a voice about the accessibility, quality or cost of your family’s day-to-day healthcare. Furthermore, this direct patient arrangement eliminates the insurance middlemen and this allows us to offer wholesale prices on laboratory tests, imaging, and procedures.

I don’t go the doctor often, why should I join Kingwood Direct MD? 

The lack of physical illness does not always equate to good health. We believe that everyone benefits from personalized healthcare and not being treated like a number. By offering personalized care and a holistic approach, we stress the importance of proactive medicine instead of reactive medicine. We’re here for you when you get sick or injured, but we will focus on proactive care to maintain and enhance your health, vitality and quality of life.

How will I know if Kingwood Direct MD is right for me?

Come get to know us. Schedule a free, unconditional visit to discuss your healthcare needs. It’s the only reasonable way to begin what we trust will be a long, productive, healthy relationship. 

What happens if I need to see a specialist or go to the hospital?

By providing superb care with unprecedented access, we seek to prevent or reduce hospitalizations and specialty referrals. In instances where those types of care are required and we are unable to take care of your healthcare needs in-house, we will refer you to the best specialists in the Houston area. We know which doctors are the finest experts in each field and we have the freedom to send you wherever we believe you will receive the best care for your given medical condition. We will also provide e-consults with specialists through Rubicon MD (in the future) at no additional charge to members.

I need an appointment. How do I get started?

If you are not yet a member, let's get you signed up. It is our goal to offer you same day or next day appointments. In addition to regular clinic visits, we’re happy to offer other convenient ways to get your questions answered and concerns addressed. Once you become an established member, we are available to you by phone, email and even text. Of course, any issue requiring a procedure or physical exam is best done in-person at the office.

How can Kingwood Direct MD help my business?

In the current system, small businesses that provide health insurance are struggling to stay profitable due to rising insurance premiums. With the combination of direct primary care and a self-funded insurance plan, businesses can save significant amounts of money. The way the combination works is really quite beautiful. With the employees getting the majority of their healthcare needs taken care of without filing an insurance claim, this leaves a large amount of the claim pool, from the self-funded plan, leftover at the end of the year. A percentage of the money goes back to the business to use as it would like. Businesses using this model nationwide have been paid between 25-50% of their claim pool back, on top of saving money on a monthly basis. We can help your business save money. All the while, your employees will be receiving fantastic care which can help decrease sick days. With our easy accessibility, they will not have to waste half to a full day waiting at the doctor; we can get them in quickly or even address their problem through a virtual visit eliminating the need to ever leave work.

Please contact us is you are interested in a small business membership.